Why do Livgreen Clean Energy Solutions make business sense?

Livgreen is a lead player in providing eco-friendly clean energy solutions.

Our product range includes-

  • Navshakti Bio-mass Pellet Burner
  • Livgreen Solid Bio-fuel
  • Clean energy solutions for boiler and furnances of all sizes

Features & Benefits

Soaring LPG prices have been a constant source of concern for the food & beverage industry. Livgreen cooking solutions are fast getting accepted as a superior fuel alternative to LPG and LPG driven gas banks.

Significant Savings
  • By switching from LPG to Bio-pellet fuel you could save at significantly on your fuel costs.
  • One kg of LPG is equivalent to about 2.5 kg of our Livgreen fuel.
  • Our customers have reported recovering the cost of installations within few months.
Robust & Cutting Edge Technology
  • The proprietary Navshakti cookstove design is the result of a multi-nation technology collaboration.
  • Produces LPG-like flame and the unique design enables it to extract an unmatched fuel calorific value.
  • Tested extensively by our customers in ‘real-time’ kitchen environments.
  • Livgreen bio-mass fuel is smokeless, burns uniformly and has a constant calorific value, moisture and low ash content.
  • The Livgreen bio-mass pellets ignite at 250 Celsius making them completely safe.
  • Being smoke-less they do not pose health hazards. Large organizations with fire-sensitive installations are progressively accepting Livgreen cooking solutions on a large scale.
Easy to install & run
  • Navshakti & Livgreen are being used in base kitchens of a wide variety of hospitality, healthcare, F & B and educational institutions across diversified applications viz.
  • food preparations involving boiling, frying, chapati making, preparation of sweets & namkee to name a few.
  • The best way to assess the power of Navshakti & Livgreen combination is to see a demonstration.
  • You may prefer to view our product demo online at.
  • We will be happy to set up a live demonstration along with your team anywhere in North India.